Terms and Conditions

Experience Vouchers

Vouchers from Koru Experiences are issued to customers through email. In some cases, pictures may not be a true reflection of the offer and does not constitute part of the contract. As soon as an experiential gift is purchased, the participant(s) are inevitably bound by the terms and conditions of that specific Experience Vendor.

How are Experience Vouchers Delivered?

Sixteen days after the registry is closed the experience vouchers will be emailed to the wedding couple. Vouchers can be downloaded and printed. The couple then redeems the voucher at the Experience Vendor’s venue. Vouchers are to be treated the same way as money. Koru Experiences and Experience Vendors will not be able to issue a new voucher to replace missing/lost vouchers.

Booking an Experience

Prior to arriving, the wedding couple should make arrangements with the Experience Vendor unless otherwise stated. Koru Experiences will not be held liable for any expenses stemming from not adhering to the conditions of the experiential offer and these Terms and Conditions.

Safety Measures

Some experiences may be risky. The couple may be required to sign the Experience Vendor’s disclaimer/waiver on the day of the experience. It is the couple’s responsibility to review all the details prior to engaging in the experience. Please check any details well in advance with the Experience Vendor. Koru Experiences will not be responsible for any damages or injuries related to an experience.

Availability of Experiences

Experience Vendors set the availability for their experiences. The wedding couple is responsible for booking a date for their experience. The offer may be dependent on availability and weather conditions. It is advised to book an experience well in advance to avoid disappointment. As some experiences are not exclusive, other customers may be there during the experience. Some experiences may have an expiry date listed on the voucher, please ensure you have booked your experience with the Experience Vendor prior to that date. Vouchers with an expired date are considered invalid. Extensions will not be provided by Koru Experiences.

Selecting Experiences for your Registry

Some experiences will have restrictions such as age, size, health, and physical ability. These are set by the Experience Vendors to ensure the safety of customers. It is advised to review details before selecting the experience to ensure you are able to participate. If you are unsure about any restrictions contact Koru Experiences.

How to Make a Complaint about an Experience

The participant(s) are advised to discuss the issue with the Experience Vendor as soon as possible. For those who are still unsatisfied, please provide the specifics of the complaint in an email to Koru Experiences at hello@koruexperiences.com. Please provide the following: names, date of experience, Experience Vendor, and description of the issue. The Experience Vendor will have a chance to respond. It is of utmost importance to Koru Experiences that its customers are satisfied and treated fairly.

Cancelling an Experience with the Vendor

As soon as an experience is booked with an Experience Vendor, the participant(s) must follow their Terms and Conditions regarding cancellations. When the Experience Vendor confirms a date, the date cannot be changed unless the Experience Vendor agrees to change it. If an Experience Vendor cannot change a date, a refund will not be issued. There may be a time when an Experience Vendor might need to cancel an experience after it is booked. If this happens, they will contact you to make new arrangements. Koru Experiences will not be liable for any costs associated with cancellations.

Altering the Registry

As long as an experience has not been purchased, the couple is able to make changes to their registry page. A purchased experience can be exchanged for an equal or lesser value experience as long as the registry is still open. For a more expensive experience, the difference can be paid. Please allow 5-10 working days for these requests. Simply email the request to hello@koruexperiences.com. If the registry has closed, alterations will not be allowed.

What about Refunds or Exchanges?

Refunds will not be granted. However, an exchange is possible. Koru Experiences will only issue an exchange for an experience while the wedding registry is open. The exchange must be of equal or lesser value. Once a participant has booked an experience with an Experience Vendor, they are bound by their Terms and Conditions. Exchanges may take up to 5-10 working days to process. To request an exchange, please email hello@koruexperiences.com.

Experience Vendors and Liability

As soon as a voucher is purchased, the couple is bound by the Experience Vendor’s Terms and Conditions. All participants are expected to follow the rules and regulations set by Experience Vendors.  Koru Experiences will not be held liable for any damage or loss associated with partaking in an experience. It is to be understood that the Experience Vendors and Koru Experiences will not be liable for any cancellation, rescheduling or change to an experience for extenuating circumstances such as failure of mechanics, weather conditions, government restrictions, etc. Some pictures associated with an experience does not constitute part of the contract and may not be a true reflection of the experience.

Protection of Data

Personal details are used to process customer registries, receive feedback, and to get information about the experiences provided. Contractors may be hired to help with the above mentioned points. Koru Experiences will not give your information to any party not associated with this company.

Privacy Policy

Koru Experiences’ Privacy Policy can be viewed under the heading Privacy Policy.

Guidelines for Use

These guidelines relate to this website and Koru Experiences’ social media platforms.

Conduct of the wedding couple and wedding guests: The wedding couple or wedding guests will not be able to upload any pictures or messages which may offend someone based on their religion, creed, marital status, family status, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, colour, ancestry, nationality, place of origin, race or perceived race, receipt of public assistance, or gender identity; (b) anything that features any kind of computer code or viruses, spam mail, programs or files intended to corrupt any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.

Content posted by the wedding couple or wedding guests: The wedding couple and guests acknowledge they are accountable for all photographs and messages posted on Koru Experiences.

Koru Experiences has the authority to remove or refuse any pictures or messages that is not aligned with these Terms and Conditions or is deemed unacceptable.

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