Private Sauna Experience

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Enjoy an exclusive, private 2-hour sauna experience at Blackstrap Provincial Park!

Your guide at Back2Nature Wellness & Adventures will provide an overview of how to enjoy and benefit from the Nordic Cycle of Hot-Cold-Rest-Repeat. This experience includes:

  • Chairs for relaxing in after your sauna experience
  • Luxurious robes and blankets to keep you cozy when you are outside the sauna
  • Lemon water, tea, and non-alcoholic bubbly to keep you hydrated
  • Snacks will be provided
  • An outdoor shower (or snow) to cool you off between sauna sessions
  • Headlamps to venture off on a cold plunge (available in spring and fall)


You and your partner are sure to unwind in this wood-burning barrel sauna. Relax your body and mind during the hot cycle, flush out the stress during the cold cycle and unwind and rest during the rest cycle. Take time to slow down and enjoy each other’s company during this unique experience.

Additional Info

An overview is provided when you arrive

Wear light breathable clothing or a swimsuit and bring a towel



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