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My name is Camille and I have created this wedding registry of local experiences. This registry is for couples that want creative and exciting gifts not conventional wedding gifts like a toaster or blender. The purpose of Koru Experiences is to focus on life after the honeymoon. I believe that experiences, like taking a pottery class or music lesson, can strengthen your wellbeing – making you a better partner, a better family member, and most importantly, a better person.

- Camille


How it all Began

My husband and I spent many years living in different countries and travelling the world before we decided to move back home to Saskatchewan. It was humbling to see those less fortunate than us content with what they had. It was then I realized you don’t need a lot of stuff to be fulfilled. Koru Experiences builds upon this idea – yes, you need some material things to make a home, but it is more important to spend time with loved ones, experience something new, or find out what brings you happiness.

I learned about the meaning of a koru while living in New Zealand. Māori people, indigenous to New Zealand, believe that a koru, symbolized by the growth of a new fern, represents a new life, a new beginning, strength, and harmony. This concept strongly resonated with me when my son was born, and it became the foundation for this business. It is my belief that connection with others and finding out what stimulates creativity is the point of being. 

I understand firsthand the importance of personal growth and experiencing new things. About 5 years ago, I needed to shake things up. I found myself enrolled in a woodworking class and I loved every minute of it. Woodworking has developed into somewhat of a passion for me. I enjoy it simply because it brings me joy. Last year I wanted to build a kitchen table. I envisioned sitting around the table with my family having dinner and building puzzles. It honestly fills me with pride to see it every day and know that I built that. It’s an added bonus knowing my children saw me work hard and accomplish a goal. I believe woodworking has made me a better mother and wife.

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Experiences for the Soul

It is my hope that you will find this registry intriguing and choose to celebrate connection, creativity, and adventure while you start your new beginning as a married couple. 


Exciting local experiences to focus on life after the honeymoon.


Celebrate connection while starting new beginnings together.

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